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Frequently Asked Questions

About Kampung Chickens

Q: What does ‘antibiotic-free kampung chicken’ mean?

A: The use of antibiotics is strictly regulated by the Poison’s Act 1952. They are only used on chickens affected by specific diseases under strict veterinary supervision, and these native chickens must undergo a regulated withdrawal period before being sold.

Chicken Meat Handling

Q: Is it safe to re-freeze chicken meat after it has been thawed?

A: Repeatedly thawing and re-freezing chicken is not advisable, as it significantly affects the quality of the meat, taste and texture. Repeated thawing, especially on open kitchen counters under ambient temperatures, may also lead to bacterial growth on the surface of the chicken meat. It is advisable to divide chicken into preferred cooking size and portion before initial freezing, and thawed only once before cooking.


Q: How long can kampung chicken meat last if store in refridgerator or freezer?

A: Any raw kampung chicken meat that is planned to be cooked and consumed within 2-3 days should be stored in the refridgerator at 4ºC or lower. Frozen native chickens stored at -18ºC or lower can be stored for 6-12 months depending on packaging material and method. KP Asli’s frozen kampung chickens are vacuumed and specific products shrink-packed to seal in its natural nutrients, and is safe to consume according to the expiry date as printer on their individual packaging.

About KP Asli Kampung Chicken Products

Q: What type of kampung chicken products does KP Asli offer?

A: KP Asli offers kampung chicken for both the B2B market, and also B2C audiences. We offer live native chicken birds, as well as chilled and frozen kampung chicken in various sizes and cuts. KP Asli kampung chickens also come in a variety of flavours in frozen form such as Salt-baked Kampung Chicken and Rendang Kampung Chicken (Half-cut).


Q: Are KP Asli products free of antibiotics?

A: KP Asli kampung chicken meat is ensured to be antibiotic-free and chemical residue-free.


Q: Where does KP Asli kampung chicken originate from?

A: All our KP Asli kampung chicken products originate from our own managed farms in Penang and Perak state. Our day-old chicks are hatched and supplied by our related company – Syarikat Sin Long Heng Breeding Farm Sdn Bhd.


Q: What does KP Asli kampung chicken feed on?

A: All our kampung chicken are fed with specially formulated native chicken feed that are produced by natural grains that are suitable for their growth age and health conditions. These chicken feeds are produced by our related company – Pangkal Perdana Sdn Bhd that also closely monitors the efficacy and suitability of the feeds for our kampung chickens.


Q: Are KP Asli kampung chicken products HALAL?

A: KP Asli frozen kampung chicken products are processed in HALAL-certified processing plants.


Q: I’m interested to purchase KP Asli kampung chickens. How do I order?

A: For purchase enquiries, please contact us at 013-433 2121 for further info. We welcome end customer orders as well as bulk orders. Online delivery is available.

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