Free Range Chickens in Malaysia | KP Asli


Putting Food Safety First

Trusted Native Chicken Provider

As the top free-range chicken provider in the Peninsular Malaysia, we put great care in ensuring that all our native chickens are reared responsibly within a controlled and sustainable environment. All KP Asli Sdn Bhd farms undergo regular auditing and inspection, making sure that our chickens achieve optimal growth and development within a safe habitat.



Antibiotic free

Our native chickens are fed with top quality poultry feed that are formulated from natural grains, corn and other raw materials, and certified to be free from antibiotic residue.


Chemical residue-free

Our native chicken meat are lab-tested to be free of harmful chemical residues – no nasties, just natural wholesome poultry products for your entire family.


Preservative free

KP Asli frozen native chickens are blast frozen at -40°C during processing to maintain the freshness and nutritional value of our products without the use of preservatives.


High in protein

KP Asli native chickens are high in protein, with 25.1g protein per 100g of meat. It is the preferred protein food source to incorporate into your daily intake.

low fat

Low in fat content

With ample grazing space and efficient poultry nutrition, our native chickens have a low fat content of only 1.1g per 100g of meat.


Compliant to HALAL standards

All our processes are compliant to HALAL standards, and we only employ HALAL-certified processing plants in the processing of our native chicken products.


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