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Dressed Kampung Chicken

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Product Description

KP Asli’s Dressed Kampung Chicken is fully processed, defeathered and cleaned in fresh, chilled or frozen form. Our native chicken is antibiotic-free, chemical-residue free and are low in fat content. They are suitable for a variety of delicious traditional and modern dishes, including stews, or even fried!


S (<1.50kg)

M (1.50-1.79kg)

L (1.80-2.09kg)

XL (>2.10kg)

Whole Kampung Chicken (two options):

A.With head and feet, no gizzards

B.With head, no feet and no gizzards

Storage Advice:

If not consumed immediately, keep product refridgerated at 4ºC or below, or frozen at -18ºC. Refer to our FAQ for further info on kampung chicken meat storage.

Preparation Instruction:

Cook the kampung chicken meat product thoroughly prior to serving.


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