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Rendang Kampung Chicken

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Product Description

KP Asli’s Frozen Rendang Kampung Chicken is half-cut chicken cooked and processed in a homemade secret rendang gravy recipe, vacuum-sealed, then immediately blast frozen at -40ºC. The rendang gravy is mild enough to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, and is the ideal side dish to be served with warm, fragrant rice!

KP Asli Frozen Rendang Kampung Chicken is procesed in HALAL-certified processing plants.


Half-cut native chicken at ±450g per pack, without head and feet, no gizzards.

Storage Advice:

If not consumed immediately, keep product refridgerated at 4ºC or below, or frozen at -18ºC. Refer to our FAQ for further info on kampung chicken meat storage.

Preparation Instructions

This product is fresh frozen and ready-to-eat. Before consumption, allow product to thaw completely, then steam or microwave rendang native chicken for 10 minutes before serving.


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