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Frozen Whole Chicken

native chicken (1)

Product Description

KP Asli’s Frozen Whole Chicken is fully processed and packaged in an ISO and HALAL-certified processing plant. These premium kampung chickens are vacuum-sealed, shrink-packed and immediately blast frozen at -40ºC to preserve the inherent nutrients and taste of the kampung chicken without the use of harmful preservatives and chemicals.

KP Asli Frozen Whole Chicken is HALAL-certified and its meat is tested to be antibiotic-free, chemical-residue free and preservative-free.


±1.0kg per pack, whole native chicken without head and feet, no gizzards

Storage Advice:

If not consumed immediately, keep product refridgerated at 4ºC or below, or frozen at -18ºC. Refer to our FAQ for further info on kampung chicken meat storage.

Preparation Instructions

This product is fresh frozen and ready-to-cook. Before consumption, allow product to thaw completely. Cook product thoroughly prior to serving


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